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Group Exhibition – Yvonne Andreini – Maike Freess – Sebastian Klug – Anne Cécile Surga – Emeli Theander – Manuela Toselli The exhibition MINDSCAPE was born out of a spontaneous and enthusiastic collaboration between independent curator Suzy Royal, gallery director and curator Luisa Catucci, and artist and curator Yvonne Andreini, as a reaction to theContinua a leggere “MINDSCAPE Berlin”

SUPER*. Berlin

Bermel von Luxburg Gallery is pleased to invite you for the upcoming group exhibition SUPERmercado. BvL will support and showcase 40 artists! We will present a large selection of mediums ranging from painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. The around 100 works of art will have a price range from 500 up to maximal 5000€. TheContinua a leggere “SUPER*. Berlin”


Allerstr 38, 12049 Berlin info@luisacatucci.comTel: +49 176 20 404 636 https://www.luisacatucci.comPRESS RELEASE – CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITIONArtists: Waridi Schrobsdorff & Daniele Tamagni / Manuela Toselli With special contribution by Sydney Emeka NwakanmaForm of Art: Photography, Video, Fabric Art, Installation Exhibition Title: MTINDO USHAIRILocation: Luisa Catucci Gallery, Allerstr 38, 12049 BerlinDuration: November 18th 2021 – January 15thContinua a leggere “MTINDO USHAIRI”


WIDE ANGLE Nadia GalbiatiEnrico Pietracci______________________________________ Vernissage of the exhibition WIDE ANGLE June 23rd 2021 with Italian artists Nadia Galbiati and Enrico Pietracci. June 23rd – July 23rd 2021LUISA CATUCCI GALLERY Allerstr. 38, 12049 Berlin U8 Leinestr. – BoddinstrEmail: info@luisacatucci.comPhone: +49.176.20404636 Tuesday to Friday 11am – 6pmor by appointment LUISA CATUCCI GALLERY WIDE ANGLE Nadia Galbiati – EnricoContinua a leggere “WIDE ANGLE – Berlin”